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Tattoo Me Now Evaluation

Reviewer: Jill Forester

Website Name:

Rating: 5 stars(out of five)

tattoo me now reviewTattoo Me Now is an online site that allows you to view more than 3,500 unique and beautiful tattoo designs. There are other tattoo gallery sites on the Internet, but this site offers much more than all others and has become the #1 site of its kind on the Internet today.

Here’s why.

First is their extensive design gallery which contains over 3,500 designs. You can waste a lot of time searching the Internet for tattoo designs and not find what you are looking for. This site make it easy. Not only is there a large selection of very unique designs, but when you find one you like, it is easy to print out so you can take it to your favorite tattoo artist. There is also a feature that allows you to even combine designs to make something very original and personal if you want.

Another thing we like about Tattoo Me Now is that it is much more than just a tattoo gallery. It is also a membership site where you can interact with other people and share tattoo ideas and pictures. In the discussion forum you will be able to talk to other people, share tattoo pictures and get ideas and inspiration to help you find a design that will be best for you.

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cute tattoo designsAs well, you can get advice from people in your local area on tattoo studios that are good and those you might want to stay away from. The membership community on this site is very helpful.

There is also a studio directory included on the site so you can find where all the tattoo studios are located in your town or area.

An entertaining and educational aspect of this site that can also help you with more ideas is the video vault. The video vault has lots of great videos put up from both professionals sharing tattoo advice and information and just regular people showing off their tattoos.

Members of this site also get access to a tattoo media library. There are a number of books you can download at no extra cost that will help you on the subject of tattoos. Some titles we have found helpful include: “Infection Prevention”, “How to Tattoo in 12 Easy Steps”, “Getting Inked” and more.

If there is any drawback to the Tattoo Me Now site is that there is a small one time charge to be a member. It’s too bad it is not free. But when you see all you get, it is worth the one-time charge. Best of all they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can sign up and if it doesn’t completely meet your expectations you can get a quick and complete refund of everything you paid.

We have looked at many other tattoo gallery sites on the Internet and when you take a look at Tattoo Me Now, you will see why it is our number one choice and the #1 of Tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.

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