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Hippie Tattoos 

Hippie tattoos seem to be more popular than ever these days, especially with women and girls.

Hippie tattoos are colorful and bring back memories of a time where a group of young individuals believed in peace, love and harmony.

This type of tattoos back then and again today reflect these themes and are very oriented in nature.

Hippie tattoos represent an era during the 1960’s when a movement started by the youth of that time revolted, became a subculture and embraced a life style of freedom, peace and love.

These protest marching, bra burning children of the peace movement were called hippies.


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Hippies had a certain look and a very distinct way of life. They tried very hard and succeeded in a look that was very unique and counter culture.

Hippie-tattoosThey wore bell bottom jeans that were torn and faded. Granny glasses, love beads, crocheted hats and belts and bell anklet bracelets were part of the attire.

Hippies spoke different and coined many new, at that time, phrases. They expressed themselves with words and phrases like: hip, groovy, right on, make love not war, far out flower power.

Their universal symbol was the peace sign and the hand gesture with two extended fingers representing peace. Many of these symbols are found in the cute tattoo designs that hippies favored.

All of these images are found in hippy tattoos today. Tattoos, often in bright colors featuring, tie dye psychedelic swirl designs are very popular.

Hippie tattoos also include flowers (especially daisies), butterflies, the yellow smiley face circle, hearts and doves.

Many hippie tattoos are in the form of words that represent sayings popular during that era.

Phrases in addition to those listed above include: give peace a chance, sock it to me, go with the flow, heavy, flowers are a girls best friend, TTOW, and down with the establishment.    Another very popular expression was: "Make Love Not War."

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hippy tattooHippies were not in favor of war and believed more in love and peace.  Many tattoos of this era were based around this common believe also.  

Popular locations for hippy tattoos included:



Underside of the wrist

Lower back area just off center,

Tops of the feet and ankles


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